My career has taken me from producing the world's largest faith-based, live event tour for women to speaking on stages myself and coaching others to leverage effective, compelling communication to grow their impact and influence.

And it all started with my love of words and stories.

I'm obsessed with helping leaders discover, craft and leverage messages that cut through the noise, touch hearts, change minds and inspire action.

about me

Lori Robertson is an accomplished keynote speaker, story strategist, and speaker coach on a mission to empower leaders to use their voices as a tool of influence and impact.

She came to see the incredible power of women sharing their wisdom, insights and stories when she spent 10 years producing the world’s largest live event tour for women. Visiting 28-30 NBA and NHL arenas each year and hosting audiences of over 14,000 at its peak, Women of Faith was a movement that impacted millions of women.

Lori's journey from a novice speaker to event emcee speaking to crowds of thousands was transformative. Since then, her captivating presence has graced stages worldwide, addressing groups of over 18,000. She speaks regularly on the topics of leadership communication, the power of storytelling for leaders and the value of building and leveraging an influential personal brand.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lori's philanthropic spirit shines through her work with Compassion International, a global NGO dedicated to releasing children from poverty.

As visionary founder of SpeakHer Coach, she's on a mission to help more women say "yes" to opportunities that enhance their visibility, maximize their impact, and grow their personal brands through speaking.

 Lori Robertson is not just a speaker; she's a catalyst for change, committed to empowering women to step up, speak up and lead with confidence.


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